Photo by Diane Markley

Like a flower coming to the surface, breaking free of the ground after a long winter,

We, too, must be pushed up and along.

Propelled forward and into life.

Things don’t happen without a push…or a pull.

Perhaps it’s in reaching for the sun that the plant ousts itself from its hiding place.

So we ask ourselves…

Are we reaching for the promise of something life-giving?

If so, how can we go wrong?

What happens when we break the surface of what’s held us captive?

We breathe!

We soak in the light!

We bloom!

There is life in the bloom ~ a beauty that attracts others to share in the pollen that feeds and spreads more life.

I want to encourage you to reach for the surface, for whatever is beckoning you from your place of sleep.

Step into the light and air!  Become part of what enhances and adds to the life of others.

You have had enough rest, dear one.  It’s time to surface.

Spring to life!  

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