Who Is Held Captive?

Who is the person threatened by another?

Where is the heart of the person who thinks families forgotten in cages and black people murdered in the streets mean more for them?

What have you gained?

More jobs?

Safer streets?

What have you gained?

Or does it just feed you?

Do you fill up on meals of oppression?

Do you hunger and thirst for more because your hatred is ravenous?

Sit back in smug satisfaction.  Dine on torn flesh; drink down spilled blood.

You must expect to have more of something.  Freedom?  Money?  Jobs?  Security?

Or just hatred?

Listen to those who control your thoughts; do not question what they say ‘lest they wake you from the American Dream.

Who is the one who profits from the downfall of another?

You may support the cages and celebrate killing, waving your flags, but you are the one held captive.

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